Unisa Study Groups

Every felt stuck with your UNISA studies, and had no one to call on to get the help you need to continue?  We know that this is a huge problem for all UUNISA study groupsNISA students, as you cannot contact the university for help in their studies.  Our answer is the UNISA study groups which we have been running since 2008.  We have helped over 20,000 students in 7 different institutions, so why don’t you take a chance and see what it is that keeps students coming back to us again and again!


UNISA Study Groups


At Together We Pass we have two types of UNISA study groups.  One is entirely free, and the other one we charge a small registration fee to join.

We have hundreds of free study groups that UNISA students can join.  These have limited resources such as notes, and there is no lecturer.  It relies on students to help each other, compare and discuss assignments in our cheat free app and in general manage the study group themselves.

Our Premium groups charge a small fee which is a once off fee for the entire term.  This gives you an awesome set of study notes written by our lecturers, help with your assignment (cheat free – we WON’T just give you the answers) and an exam pack.  And best of all you get a lecturer in the study group to answer your questions, remind you about key dates like assignment submission and keeps the study group going day by day throughout the term.


Social Learning in your UNISA study groups


This has been quite a buzz word in education for some time. It means the learning that you gain by engaging with others.  You get new perspectives, deeper understanding and longer lasting memory of the subject matter.  At Together We Pass we encourage students to engage with each other in order to broaden their understanding, and thereby their marks.

However, this aspect of the study groups is often quite slow with UNISA students.  The independence of the UNISA student means many like to take the resources and actually study alone.  However, if you want to engage we are here, and we encourage you to keep asking questions and getting the help you need.


UNISA study notes


All students want study notes!  It is one of the universal things that UNISA students want.  At Together We Pass you can find notes that students have shared in the resource library.  However, we only have our own study notes in our Premium groups.

These study notes have been written by your lecturer, and you can then use this to help guide you on what the key areas that you need to understand in your UNISA course.


UNISA exam packs


Our exam packs give answers to past papers for the latest exams that have been shared with us.  If you do not find the latest exam in your pack please speak to your lecturer as if we find a more recent past paper we can update it for our students.

Remember this feature is only part of our Premium UNISA study groups!


Join us soon!


We hope to see you in our UNISA study groups soon.

You can browse our Together We Pass study groups in our shop right now.

Or you can email us on: support@togetherwepass.co.za

Or find more contact details on our Contact Us page


Last updated: June 16, 2017