Unisa Exam Dates

Knowing the UNISA exam dates should form a vital part of your study planning.  From deciding what to study in a term, to your exam time table – you need to know theUNISA exam dates!

UNISA Exam dates

Plan your studies around the UNISA Exam Dates



You need to know the exam dates from the moment you are registering your subjects for the next period.  Remember that if you don’t check this you could end up with 4 exams in 4 days!  We know this is just provisional dates when you are signing up, but the better you plan the better chance you have to have a good spread of dates, with enough time to revise between each exam sitting.

Once you know which subjects you have passed in the previous exam sitting then you can plot out how many subjects you will attempt in the upcoming exam sitting.  Remember to plan for 4 hours per subject per week in order to get enough study time.   So first look at when you will study, and how much time you will have.  Then you can sensibly choose how many subjects you want to to take.

Keep in mind that you have to pass at least 3 UNISA subjects per year or you will not be allowed to continue your studies!

Choose a number of subjects that you can study in the next term, and write down the exam dates for each.  You can then choose the ones that are best spread out so you have enough time between exams to study


UNISA exam dates


Once you are registered for an exam you will have access to the exam dates in your MyUNISA portal.  However, when you are using these dates to plan your studies in the way I have described you will need to know the dates well in advance of registration.

The best place to look is the UNISA app.  You can find that here:  UNISA Examination Timetable App

Just choose the period (May/June or Oct/Nov) and then put in the study unit code.  You can search up to 6 codes at the same time.


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Last updated: June 16, 2017