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Contact us if you want to know more about what Together We Pass or TWP Academy offers.

Remember, Together We Pass has been offering awesome study groups to students since 2008.  We help UNISA students, students studying for Matric, students studying ICB courses as well as students at a number of private colleges.  These are Skills Academy, Learning group, Home Study College and Decor School.

We also offer study groups to all our students in our own private college: TWP Academy.

Contact us at our Support Centre:

Unit 53B, Mega Park
C/o Peter Barlow Drive & Robert Sobukwe Road
Bellville South

Support   : 021 838 8251
Email        : support@togetherwepass.co.za
Facebook : Together We Pass on Facebook
Twitter     : @togetherwepass


Contact us about TWP Academy

Contact Us

Are you looking for a private college that offers fully accredited business programmes?  With a high quality courses offered in a highly supported, high contact manner?  Then our own college TWP Academy may be just the right institution for you.

TWP Academy is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) who has a mandate from the QCTO SETA to accredit institutions on their behalf.

TWP Academy offers courses in:


Contact us on:  0800 39 00 27 if you want to know more about TWP Academy.

Tired of not getting any support from UNISA?  Tired of spending years struggling to get a university degree?  Start with a ICB course – only 3 subjects to your first qualification which you can use to find a position in bookkeeping.  From there you can study right through diploma level, and from there switch to a CIMA qualification and gain a qualification on the same level as the university degree you are battling through today.

Join us today and get your first qualification in just 9 months!


Last updated: June 16, 2017